How Drinking Green Tea Induces Feelings of Wellness

Green Tea, used for thousands of years by Buddhist monks. Their claims stated ideas around tea clarifying the mind and instilling a feeling of contentment and happiness. Scientists are now showing how these myths hold truth. How is this possible? Theanine! Tea is one of the only sources of this amino acid in our diet. Electroencephalograph studies of the human brain functions – shows that theanine increases activity in the alpha frequency band, relaxing the mind without causing drowsiness. Hence the improved feelings and ability to concentrate. With large numbers of youths being (ridiculously) medicated for poor concentration in school, perhaps the answer is in tea, education and improved diet.


Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu (Tuttle Classics) by [Sadler,A.L.]Japanese Healthy Green Tea Culture

Japan is one of the biggest green tea drinking countries, with mass productions of matcha, sencha and other green teas. The Japanese tea ceromonies are a perfect example of the relaxing and meditative culture of drinking green tea. Now in the West, science research shows the endless benefits of drinking green tea. We now have a huge trend concerning gun powder green tea – matcha, used in many forms and showing up from lattes in hip cafes to cooking, cakes and ice cream.

Science Shows That Happiness Can Really be Found in a Cup of Tea 

Theanine has also been found to induce the release of dopamine in the brain, which is primarily a neuro-chemical associated with feelings of happiness and wellness:

  • A recent finding by American Botanical Council discovered that theanine found in green tea can encourage reward learning and decrease symptoms of depression.
  • Reward learning is the conditioning response of positive behavior following a positive event”
  • Positive reward learning is thought of as a way to reduce and help with cases of depression.

The Psychological Benefits of Green Tea


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