The Best Start Ups – That are All About Tea

The following start ups are tea orientated, creating new dents in the market. Just like Coffee start ups, tea has become an increasing trend! taking the lead in the realm of super foods (such as our favorite green tea – matcha). This latest trend of the ever growing love for tea is also now taking the start up world by storm.

After coming across so many amazing start ups, for which all offer great products and services, we decided to make a list of the most unique start ups. These guys really deserve the recognition so we have compiled a list of the Best Start Ups That are all About Tea – creating riples in the industry, that undoubted will have an impact on the growing number tea enthusiasts.

Why The Sudden Interest In Tea?

Apart from the world of teas being incredibly interesting, along with more tea shops  and lounges popping up, people are finally starting to care about their health! Ditching unhealthy beverages such as sodas and opting for more natural options. There has been an increase in people who are now looking for super foods and practicing a balanced diet. After so many years of people consuming terrible food, a new era is here – that will deal with the damage caused by processed foods and over medicating to deal with the health consequences. Overall, people finally want to nourish their bodies with food and drinks that won’t make them unhealthy.

The RTD tea category has experienced solid growth in recent years, and experienced a 4% growth in 2016. Category volume exceeded 1.7 billion gallons in 2016.


The Following are some of the most innovative start-ups in the tea industry:

 has figured out that tea is now at twice the size of coffee industry. Teforia brings straight From tea farms to consumers. “Teforia infuser combines the knowledge of a tea master with the best in modern technology. They know the exact time, temperature, and water needed to brew the perfect cup. For every kind of tea—every time.”


This company is now at heart of tea lovers. Teforia find the best quality artisan teas from growers directly for their customers. We all know that amazing tea is nothing without the perfect steep, for this they have created an amazing  Teaforia are now available on amazon!


Camellia Labs – Chime is the world’s first chai maker!


Infusing the traditional, hand-crafted process of making chai with passion for product design and technology. This start up, is one of a kind – chai tea lovers will go crazy for this modern appliance, with a range of cap infusions – Assam Chai,  Brewchimp Cardamom, Brewchimp Ginger Chai, Brewchimp Mint, Brewchimp Masala Chai. Hopefully this Chai maker will become as popular as the traditional coffee machine!

Chai is special and it deserves its own unique experience. It is a lot of work to make the perfect cup of chai. It is a ritual practiced by over a billion people around the world. We want to make their ritual, something they love, a delightful experience


Tealet – an online farmers market for tea!

Independent tea growers are connected directly to their retail and wholesale buyers. Tealet serves as a transparent supply chain platform that provides optimized online marketing, international logistics, and low costs payments via cryptocurrency.

“we’ve cultivated close relationships with tea growers, we work closely our retail partners to advance tea programs to new levels of quality and engagement. We are committed to being your partner in a more conscious tea community!”


Rosali Tea  – curated tea subscription!

Rosali Tea brings the best products to it’s clients, ensuring that you don’t have to give up the complex beauty of whole-leaf tea for convenience.

“Our service condenses the vast world of teas into an easily attainable experience, with a focus on quality, convenience, and discovery.”

Rosali Tea ring only the best in teas and botanicals, sourced from around the globe, which in turn creates delivers in evocative tastes.


Green Bean Packaging  – This ones for the environment!

The Inverse Geometry Lid (Geo Lid) is a disposable hot beverage lid that redefines and revolutionizes the “mobile” drinking experience. Hot beverages have evolved in complexity of taste, smell, and value but food packaging products have failed to keep up. Geo Lid was invented by an aerospace engineer, its function based design mimics a mug-like drinking experience!


Discovering the word of teas – 

To read more about tea and perhaps learn something new, do check out the rest of this blog. We have always room to improve – so if you know of any other interesting start ups let us know!



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  1. Hi there ! You have a wonderful blog! I’m a tea fanatic, I love drinking tea anytime of the day. The information you have shared about the teas, how to brew and serve them are extremely interesting and the pictures in your posts are amazing!
    I would really love to try some of the unique teas you have mentioned in your posts😀.

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoy my blog, I’m not just saying this but your cooking blog is one of the most authentic I have ever come across! I showed my partner and we are both eager to try your recipes. I really love that you are sharing Indian cooking, you have so many healthy recipes! Perhaps you could even try vlogging? 🙂 I hope you find my information on tea helpful 🙂

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