A new tea review

Ok, so I’m raving about about a new tea I bought at Sostrene Grene by Anna and Claras. In store or online you can find their wide variety of loose leaf teas. Today I tried out their eldaflower tea, which is one of the best teas I have ever smelt, not to mind the beautiful rich floral taste. It’s smooth floral notes are compliments to the black tea’s citrus flavour. The smell is warm and full bodied, almost like a bakery at the cake section. I can safely say that it’s a lovely refreshing drink both warm and iced. 

If you enjoy your tea sweet, I coincidentally picked up Vanilla sugar for baking, this is the best Vanilla sugar I have tasted so far. I even prefer it to my old favourite vanilla past, it successfully adds to the warm and wholesome taste that already exists in the tea without over powering its delicate flavours. 

This is such a lovely brew, it will have your house harbouring it’s aromas for hours. 



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