Shen Chu Cha Chinese Remedy

The history of herbal teas is thought to have begun around 350 A.D. this came to the foreground when Lu Yu wrote in chinese a scroll entitled ‘The Classic of Tea’ this  information regarded the cultivation, processing, and uses of herbal teas. However, the first consumption of tea may have come in existence thousands of years beforehand. Stories tell that, in 2737 B.C, a Chinese Emperor known as Shen-Nung, whilst boiling some water (common practise to purify) some leaves from a nearby  plant came on a breeze into his water. As the pot was left uncovered, the emperor caught a scent coming from the brew, curiosity urged him and he tasted the mysterious substance. This said to be the first born tea, developing over the centuries into the herbal and medicinal teas of today.

Shen chu cha tea is a  traditional Chinese remedy used to treat a stuffy chest that can come about when suffering from cold and flu symptoms, used in areas with damper weather conditions. This remedy is also a great treatment for digestive system upsets. I have also read that shen chu cha is now being recommended to people with IBS.

The tea comes in a brick that you break up before brewing.  It is important to keep your tea in a cool and dry place to prevent any spoilage. This tea fills a room with a fresh and warm  aromas. It is very different in flavour to western herbal teas, being more moreish and developed in flavours. I am a newcomer to chinese remedies, if you have a remedy/tea or more on shen chu cha please share it in the comments below!

 Ingredients for 3 cups: 
• quarter of the Shen Chu Cha Tea brick
• 2-3 pieces finely cut ginger
• 3½ cups water

1. Bring tea, water, and ginger to a boil.
2. Let simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Strain and divide the tea into 3 portions.
4. Drink 1 warm cup of tea after each meal.

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